Simple steps to grow small business

Simple steps to expand business

Starting your business small is a commonplace. You need to strive to grow, to payoff for your commitments. Many conglomerates with subsidiaries also have story of how they grow.

I ideally, your business should not remain small. A small appreciable leap and success is required. Then can accummulate sizeable growth when you carefully monitor your brand.

The best deal is to know where you jump-start from. This will help to measure your performance and accelerate progress.

How can I grow my business? Here are practical but simple steps to go about it:


1. Aquaint with your customers/clients

It all starts from customer base. That’s why you must strive to understand their needs. This will enable you to develop products that can satisfy them.

You also need feedbacks from your customers. This is important for grow small business and personalize your service.

2. Give satisfactory customer service

Make sure to satisfy your customers and do not hesitate to go extra mile when you can.

The memory of your great service will earn you referrals from your customers which will offer additional deals.

Remember, your greatest sales might not emerge through paid promotion, but through satisfied customers telling people about your service.

Often, such deal does not usually involve stress to get sealed, because your happy customers are your sureties.

3. Get more customers while keeping existing

Put up promotional offers, newsletters and lots more. These are simple strategies to keep your existing customers

Nevertheless, do not think your customer level is all you can have. Get more.

However, be focus and balance so as not to lose existing customers while looking for new ones. Some small businesses do lose exisiting customers by focusing too much on new customers’ offers, deals and discounts.

You can give similar offer to the old customers as an incentive to retain them. Also, enlist your business on local business directory. This will increase chances of visibility to both customers and relevant suppliers.

4. Social media is your friend

Use the most powerful tool in this generation to promote your business. Social media can help you reach potential customers and gain valuable insight through ‘social listening’.

When you study pattern of engagements from social media users, you willl understand their opinion about your brand.

Social listening will also equip you with knowledge about customers’ behavor. You can also gather relevant keywords and trends for your target market. Social media will improve feedback and customer service, build business profile and more sales.

5. Networking 

Allocate time to attend network events. People in the same line of business are veritable tools to build your business to standard.

Through network events, you can meet people who can provide honest reviews and means to improve your business. You can also get information about best practices while building cordial relationships with like-minds.

Your associates can encourage you with word of mouth. They can also show you how to navigate through in difficult terrains. They can, for instance, introduce you to suppliers who offer more quality products and/or sell at cheaper price.

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6. Host events

Never underestimate the power that lies in gathering customers together. This will engender smooth relationship.

Organize event for best existing customers and let them invite their friends. You are simply building confidence with your customers. Also, you are enlisting yourself as a possible supplier or vendor to their friends.

7. Give back to your community

Realize you need to win the hearts of the immediate community. Let them know that what concerns them is you concern too. Your local community is your first point of focus that new business attracts.

Think of something beneficial to offer them, like sponsorship. You can help solve impending chanllenges within your capability and participating in local events. All these will help raise your business profile.

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