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Ericsson appoints Scott Dresser as chief legal officer



Ericsson, a multinational technology company, says it has appointed Scott Dresser as its new Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ericsson, Mr Börje Ekholm in a statement, said that Dresser would join Ericsson on March 21, 2022.

Mr Ekholm said: “I warmly welcome Dresser to Ericsson. He brings a wealth of global experience spanning our sector and beyond.”

He noted that Dresser was joining the company at a critical time and would play a key role working with the board and the rest of the team.

“Dresser’s experience in driving positive change will be invaluable as Ericsson expands its business and continues its cultural transformation, enhancing its governance, compliance, and controls.

“I also want to thank the former Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Mr Xavier Dedullen sincerely for his commitment and support over the past four years.

“During his tenure, we have taken important strides in several strategic areas including our compliance program. Dedullen leaves with our gratitude and I wish him well in all future endeavors, ” Ekholm said.

The Ericsson boss said Dedullen would leave the role effective March 20 but remain with Ericsson for a transition period.

Commenting on his appointment, Dresser said: “Ericsson is a global leader that plays an essential role in advancing the future of communications.

Dresser said he was excited to be joining the company and looked forward to working with Ekholm and the entire organisation to execute new strategies,

He said: “I will be focusing on operating with the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance.

NAN reports that Dresser had a legal career spanning more than three decades, he joined Ericsson from Veon, where he has served for eight years as the company’s General Counsel.

Prior to Veon, Dresser held senior leadership positions with Virgin Media, White Mountains Capital and Conservation International.

He began his career in New York in private practice with law firms, Lord Day and Lord and Morgan Lewis where he specialised in corporate law, governance, and mergers and acquisitions. Dresser is a U.S. citizen.

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