An entrepreneur, Mr Dare Oluwatuyi, has called for proper documentation of Nigeria’s developmental strides in various fields of human endeavour.

He said many significant developments were “untouched and undocumented”.

Oluwatuyi, who is the Managing Director of CSS Bookshops Limited, made the call at the public presentation of revised edition of a book titled:“Revolution of Accountancy Profession in Nigeria: History of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN)”.

The book was first published in 2014 and authored by the founding father of ANAN, Mr Olumuyiwa Sosanya.

Oluwatuyi urged writers and authors to pay adequate attention to the nation’s diverse culture, customs and traditions in the bid to boost tourism and put national issues on the front burner besides writing academic text books.

The entrepreneur said documenting issues of socio-cultural, socio-political and socio-economic relevance by writers would enable the nation to have solutions to current  and future challenges in addition to immortalisation of writers themselves.

He called on the three-tiers of government to institute various writing programmes to encourage writers to pursue their business optimally including writers’ residency programmes and offer of grants for book writing.

Other areas, according to him, are sponsorship of television reality shows and mass purchase and distribution of books among schools and libraries to inspire citizens to do more for their country.

“This call is not limited to government,  but also corporate bodies, many of which currently sponsor entertainment programmes and reality shows.

“This is because a nation that invests in the intellectual growth of her citizens is a nation destined for greatness,” he said.

Thec author, Soanya, said that the book that was publicly presented was a legacy he was leaving behind for younger generations.

He also said that it was important for upcoming accountants to know that the nation had two accountancy professional bodies and how they came into being.

“Having led the association for about 17 years, there should be something on record for the future generations and I thank God that I am still alive to do it.

“The book will help them know that members of the National Assembly and the President did not just decide that we should have two professional bodies, they will also know what it took to have them.

“What the book tells is that once the young ones are interested and have the ability, there is nothing stopping them from being accountants.”

Dr Abdoulaye Tchane, Minister of State for Planning and Development, Benin Republic, said accountancy profession is one of the most honorable professions in contemporary economy and society.

Represented by Mr Abdulrafiu Yakubu, he said accountants occupied key roles in both private and public sectors, adding that their decisions had widespread economic and social consequences.

“This is why we all associate with them and want to have them around us.

“I am particularly proud of ANAN which over the years of its existence has grown into a union of notable professionals representing some of Africa’s best.

“The book will enhance the general knowledge of accountancy worldwide and in Nigeria in particular,” he said.

A member of Editorial Board of The Nation newspaper, Mr Segun Ayobolu, reviewed the book which has 463 pages and 21 chapters.


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