What Is Conclusions In Children?

Convulsion which is also called seizure, in children is a medical condition that makes body muscles relax and contract continually, leading to uncontrolled actions.

Symptoms Of Convulsion

Apart from seizure, other symptoms of convulsion are temporary breathe cessation and blackout, loss of bladder control, e.t.c; which may last for about 5 minutes and the sufferer returns to normalcy

Causes Of Convulsion In Children

Causes of convulsion is not often certain, but it is as a result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Categorically, a known cause in children is febrile seizure, meningitis, insufficient oxygen in the brain.

Other causes include deficiency of blood sugar, malaria, genetic brain tumor, deficiency of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), celiac disease, head trauma, and others.

Can Convulsion Kill Children?

Death is not usually connected to convulsion as it mostly ends on its own after causing little worries. However, children can be injured themselves during convulsion which can lead to other medical problems or life-threatening emergencies.

How To Treat Convulsion In Children

Thankfully, convulsion can be treated as there are several first-aid that can be applied to help your child.

•First gently place the baby on the floor so that he/she will not fall and get hurt
•Place the child on his/her side to enhance ease in breathing
•Remove all sharp and dangerous objects around
•Putting their head on a small pillow or soften flat object
•Making them relax by loosening buttons and other tight things worn
•If the baby do not regain consciousness in 5 minutes, call for an ambulance.


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