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How to use Airtel Family and Friends

Among many tariff add-ons, Airtel  also has is the Family and Friends (FAF) service, where customer can call other Airtel numbers using a designated bonus and with actual airtime purchased.

The Family and Friends tariffs are uniform across all tariff plans at 25 Kobo per second between 6am and 9:59pm, and at a reduced rate of 21 Kobo per second between 10pm and 5:59pm.

The discounted tariff will not only afford prepaid customers privilege to call just one Airtel number but actually 5 of their favourite numbers. Remember, Family and Friends services is restricted to Airtel to Airtel numbers only.

For additional number, the customer will be charged at a flat rate of N50.

How to register number on Airtel Family and Friends 

1). To register number, dial * 311 * 2 * Airtel number#.

2). To delete number, dial * 311 * 3* Airtel number#.

3). To view your registered Family and Friends number, dial * 311 *4 #.

NB: Remove spaces in the codes.

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