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Mark Zukerberg, founder of social media Facebook received Lola Omolola, founder Facebook group known as Female in Nigeria (FIN).

Female in Nigeria was founded in 2015 with aim of annexing women from all forms of life, build compassion, support one another and to have up to 1000 members which the group has now supperseded, as it recently hit one million members.

Zukerberg, impresed about how FIN group is connecting women, announced on his Facebook page Tuesday that he would be meeting Lola and other admins of top Facebook page groups in Chicago later in the month to hold Facebook Communities Summit, first of its kind.

Zukerberg said he has been touring the country meeting group admins over the past few weeks in a bid to build meaningful communities on Facebook and will be at the summit.

Talking about Lola, Zukerberg said, “Two years ago, she founded a secret Facebook group called Female in Nigeria. The group is a no-judgment space where more than a million women come to talk about everything from marriage and sex to health issues and work problems’’

Zukerberg added that the page has been helping to put end to the culture of silence that that is common to women in some part of the world.

He added that Facebook has been geared toward connecting the world in the past decade, with readiness to more connect persons, bring people closer and build more understanding.


The Facebook founder noted that sure way to bring people closer is help them build community physically and online.

“I have written and talked about these themes throughout this year, especially in my community letter in February and at Harvard Commencement in May.

“The Chicago summit will be the next chapter and we’ll discuss more of what we’re building to empower community leaders to bring the world closer.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more admins like Lola and talking about how we can help them do even more to build community.

Zukerberg promised to share more information about the summit to get closer, with live stream from his profile later this month.

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