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buhari in london

President Muhammadu Buhari gives the keynote address at the anti-corruption conference in London on May 11, Wednesday.

He has described corruption as a “hydra-headed monster” and said Nigeria is committed to sign the Open Government Partnership.


While being asked about David Cameron, British Prime Minister, comments that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt he says: “I’m not going to demand an apology from anyone, what I’ll demand is a return of assets.” The president said: “By the end of our summit tomorrow, we should be able to agree on rules-based architecture to combat corruption. Corruption does not differentiate between developed and developing countries. It is a serious threat to good governance, peace and security. I call for establishment of an anti-corruption infrastructure that will trace and return stolen assets to their countries of origin.

“Unfortunately, repatriating stolen assets is tedious, time-consuming, costly. It entails more than just signing of bilateral agreements.

“The anti-corruption agencies have been revitalized to tackle the monster… A radical departure from the past. Our administration has zero tolerance for corruption…We have strong reserve to tackle it, even if many feathers would be ruffled.”