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biafra protesters

Nigeria will be soaked in blood if the Federal Government did not release the Pro-Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who is currently held in DSS custody, the General Overseer of God’s Convenanct of Christ Sabath Mission, High Priest Clifford Nmenabu said.

Nmenabu further said President Muhammadu Buahri should do something as a matter of urgency to address the issue. He also called on international communities to intervene in the what may lead to national crisis and blood shed.

While addressing reporters, the clergyman said that Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra who was arrested almost 2 months now, is not a criminal and was not speaking for illegal group or persons. “ His broadcasts were truth-oriented and consciousness-awakening. It was a divine arrangement for a renaissance and liberation of a particular sect who have been under bondage.”

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Nmenabu recalled the prophesy he had in 1971 after the Civil War of Nigeria and Biafra, and map of Biafra was reveald to him. “The revelation came this way: The spirit of God showed me a finger that pointed at the Nigerian map. It subsequently showed the map divided in two, one part was named Biafra and the other, Nigeria. Also in 1996, God visited and showed me, in a trance, where properties belonging to Nigeria were kept in a place at the Bridge Head, Onitsha. While some of the properties were thrown across to the Asaba end of the Niger bridge, the other was thrown across to the Onitsha end. The prophecy also says that the one thrown to Asaba area belongs to Nigeria, while the other belongs to Biafra.”

He insisted that the bombings of the Catholic Church in Abuja and many other recent bombings are strong indications that Biafra must come to reality.

Meanwhile, Kanu’s case before the Magistrate Court sitting in Abuja had been adjourned till December 1 to hear proceeding on the transfer of case to a competent court as prosecutors later added criminal offences bordering on terrorism and putting the nation under distress to the Biafra leader’s case.