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The outgoing US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Enwistle, has likened the difficulties faced by President Muhammadu Buhari to the problems faced by President Barack Obama of the USA when he first came to power.

According to The Nation, Enwistle said this while speaking in Abuja on Friday.

The US envoy called on Nigerians to be patient with the Buhari administration, noting that the President “has been able to put the country on the path to economic recovery.”

Enwistle pointed out that the economic problems faced by Nigeria was a result of years of misrule.

“I give the president a very good mark and let’s see how he marches forward in the next few months.”

“I think we have to remember what he inherited.  And in my own opinion, we have to be neutral. I think Mr President and his team have done a good job.”

“I think he has put in place some things. Though I am not an economist, what he has done with the exchange rate and fuel subsidy are great.”

He compared Buhari to Obama, saying, “In my country, a lot of people forgot a very difficult situation President Obama inherited. The same thing is happening to President Buhari to a certain degree.”