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Tiwa Savage reacts to lesbian allegation



Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has been called out by an online troll who claims that she is a lesbian.

The troll who is simply identified as @fr.anklyn8881 took to the Instagram comment section of the singer’s hairstylist, Chyna Bee, to make the accusation.

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of benefits as well as many disadvantages. Beyond the glamorous life celebrities also go through some challenges that come from fans and followers.

They are often criticised and bashed for whatever they do and sometimes, they get to deal with rumours that can send them down the path of depression if not handled well.

Chyna Bee had shared a video of her and makeup artiste Tolani, when @fr.anklyn8881 wrote his comment. The Instagram user claimed that the Ma Lo crooner is in a lesbian relationship with her hairstylist and that their secret would soon be known to the world.

According to the internet troll, the blog known for exposing celebrities would soon expose the single mother of one.

Reacting to the claim, Tiwa Savage screenshotted @fr.anklyn8881’s comment and posted it on her Instagram story. The Eminado singer said that CoronaVirus may have entered the Instagram user’s brain.

She stated that if the story about her being a lesbian is published, it would increase her fan base. The music star noted that many women who are lesbians are waiting for her.

Acting unbothered, she shared a video of her flaunting her beautiful look while her hairstylist’s voice was heard at the background hailing her.