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Frederick Leonard has established himself as one of the top guns in Nollywood by a dint of hard work, doggedness and sheer talent. He has been around for quite a while and sure knows his way around the industry. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on happenings in the movie industry, and how to make the industry a better place for all.

In this very interview Frederick denied having anything to do with homosexual, though he had no hatred for them. He also talked about his type of woman.

Who is your kind of woman?

A woman who knows God. I am not asking for an ugly woman, but I am not also looking for a beautiful one. She must have a good family background because being with a woman goes beyond looks; it goes beyond physical compatibility, it goes beyond a lot of things. I am looking at how industrious a woman is because ideas turn into money. She might not be the type that goes out every day but what ideas do you have so when we share ideas, we can come up with something. A woman who understands the value of what I call family unit; a woman who understands that divorce is not an option. A woman who believes that when she comes into my life, that we are going to work hard to make it work. I don’t want to have kids from various women.

There’s this rumour that you are gay, can you clarify it?

I don’t have anything against homosexuals because I don’t have a right as a human being who is imperfect to judge them. But I am not a homosexual. As much as I don’t have anything against them, it’s their lives and they have a right to live anyhow they want. Mind you, punishment for that is 14 years imprisonment in Nigeria, so if you are caught, you are in for it. I am not part of them and I will never be part of them. I love women anytime, any day. So, I don’t see a reason why I will look the other way round. My loving women doesn’t mean that I am loose, I just appreciate them a lot.