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Poverty is a choice! Reno Omokri says poor people are hungery-minded



Reno Omokri has argued that what makes some people poor is because they could not overlook present needs to invest what they have rather than sqander all at once.

Citing example with an egg, Omokri further advises that present resources should be first invested and the proceed partly consumed and also re-invested to guarantee future livelihood.

He said, “Give a poor man a hen and he will slaughter it and eat. Give a wiseman a hen, he will rear it until it lays eggs.

“Then he will wait for those eggs to hatch into hens, eat one, sell some and rear the rest.

“In the final analysis, poverty is a choice. The poor man will tell you-why should I not eat the chicken, am I not hungry? The wiseman will say-why should I solve hunger for a day, when if I wait I can solve it for a lifetime. You see, poverty and prosperity are mindsets!”

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